I hope to use this blog as a source to share my thoughts, faith, finds and the cute things my toddler says... Well they are cute to me. I love an awesome deal, after the economy took a dumper I realized the important things in life aren't material things but what is important are your family and friends. I'm not saying I valued material items over my family before but it always seemed to be a game with, I went here and did this and that and blah blah blah. Well that's not me or who I want to be. I realized that if I can save money, even if that means clipping coupons and doing the hunt for that cheaper price I DO IT! Its kind of turned into a game to me, my husband giggles cuz I have actually jumped up and down in excitement over how inexpensive I got something... For example I was able to purchase a popular photography magazine subscription for 2.99 a year vs the regular 54 bucks, that was a jump up and down moment!! My faith helps me everyday... I THANK Jesus for sticking by my bratty side. I used to be a little twerp and now I cringe thinking about I would react to something. I know it is a part of life learning and growing up and all that but seriously I should have been locked in my room with water and bread to eat after I threw attitude like I did my senior year of high school... OK, this is getting long so here it is, throw in comments, deals you find, random thoughts you have, awesome GOD stories or whatever your little heart desires... I'd love to hear from you. Also some awesome shops that I love and have built some unique relationships with will be featured on here... so GIVEAWAYS for sure and who knows what else!!! YAY
 My boys a few years ago at the patch...
The Lil Fam'


  1. Love it!! It looks fabulous! AND I LOVE that you have a tab for JESUS!

  2. It looks awesome and the real you is expressed and shared :) You did a great job! I'm so proud of you! Now I am even more excited to start mine!
    <3 Brittany Purdey

  3. I love it! And I could not have said it better, I am so impressed at what a wonderful person you are and have become. We are very blessed with our families! And senior year attitudes were lost along time ago!!!! Luv u! Ashley